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Your Schiphol Bike is back!

We are pleased to announce that the Your Schiphol Bike bicycles are back. From now on, you can once again move around Schiphol CBD quickly and easily by bike. ‘Your Schiphol Bike’ is a collaborative project between Schiphol Real Estate and the ES-TEAM, which forms part of Vebego Airport Services. The ES-TEAM offers people who are temporarily unfit for work or who are disadvantaged on the labour market work that matches their capabilities. They maintain and regulate the bikes for SRE. Bikes can now be left behind on 3 different locations, as listed below.

Once the collaboration with a new software supplier has been formalised, you will be able to reserve the bikes using the appropriate ‘app’. Until then, bikes can be reserved at the Cargill reception (Outlook building, email: ) and the Regus reception (The Base, email:, who hand out keys for Schiphol Real Estate.

The bikes are equipped with a ‘track & trace’ feature and can be found at the following locations:

• In front of the Cargill main entrance (Outlook building)
• At the entrance of car park P12 (next to The Cabin)
• At the main entrance of The Base A (towards the Hilton)

Fortunately, nice weather is on its way - a great excuse to hire a bicycle from ‘Your Schiphol Bike’!

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