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SPOT's 1st anniversary – the highlights

SPOT is one year old this month. It's a great time to look back on the highlights.

Facts & figures: 501 members, 145 companies
One year after the launch, we have reached 501 members (welcome Albert!) who work at 145 different companies in the area. Of these members, 56 have already made an active contribution to the forum by starting a discussion or posting a response. Not to mention all the members who attended one of the following events:

Barbecue and TEDx
One of the most popular events was the barbecue at Schiphol-East in June, which was attended by more than 200 people. Only the TEDx event in November managed to attract more visitors!

Winter scenes
We found it encouraging that even the winter weather didn't stop our members attending the SPOT events. For example, the skating rink at Schiphol-East and the Local Goods Christmas Market in The Base were a great success.

School of Life and Young Professionals
The School of Life workshops were among the most appreciated events. Not got round to attending any yet? The next one will take place on 4 February. The Young Professionals Event, the first edition of which attracted almost 100 visitors, is certainly also worth repeating.

Monthly get-together and expat event
The SPOT get-together has now become a monthly tradition, although the level of interest – how shall we put it – certainly fluctuates from month to month. Sometimes there are around 20 people, but once we had a very select group of just 3 people. Not to say that it wasn't a lot of fun :-)! We felt that the expat event in November, which included a pub quiz, was an enjoyable variant of the drinks party.

Requests and responses
SPOT isn't just about events, we also wish to establish an online dialogue. In that respect, various posts have already generated some good responses. For example, the call to organise the TEDx event generated plenty of volunteers. And the request for people to bring books to SPOT's Little Free Library led to 50 books in just two days!

Spotlight: community members in the picture
One of the most popular sections of the platform is the "Spotlight" feature, in which we interview a different community member every month. As a result, we will certainly continue this feature next year. Stay tuned for an interview with Winnie Tong, Country Manager at Cathay Pacific and Joost Coulier, Global Sales Specialist at CitizenM (and our 500th member!!!)

Thank you, pioneers!
Finally, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the SPOT members for their contributions. After all, you are the people who attended the first events in this first year. You are the people who made the first contributions to the forum discussions in this first year. You are the pioneers!

Are we going to celebrate our 1st anniversary?
Of course we are! And we'll be doing it at the next SPOT drinks party, on Monday 1 February. So make sure you all come along, and spread the word!

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