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'SPOT is much more than just a Schiphol Facebook'

Anneriet van de Pol began her career in real estate and then switched to the banking sector. In her work for Svenska Handelsbanken at WTC Schiphol, she mostly deals with property finance. Anneriet is one of the ambassadors for SPOT.

'Our office is on the sixth floor of Tower H of WTC Schiphol. We have an amazing view of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and all the necessary facilities are nearby. From there, I work for a bank that is committed and direct, which makes it a great fit for me', states Anneriet. 'At Handelsbanken, we strongly favour doing business in a personal manner on a basis of trust, which means we listen closely to our clients' wishes. Banks in the Netherlands are closing their local branches, but we are doing the exact opposite. Right now, we have 27 offices in the Netherlands. We rarely operate any large-scale marketing campaigns, and most of our customers reach us by word of mouth. Satisfied customers are our ambassadors.'

'Speaking of satisfied, let's talk about SPOT. When I had just started at Schiphol, I barely knew anyone, so I used Google to search for networks at Schiphol. That is how I came across SPOT Schiphol and found out that regular networking drinks were being held every first Monday of the month, which I attended at the first opportunity. SPOT has interesting people, various companies, an informal atmosphere and inspiring events. My network has grown significantly since then and I have decided to become an ambassador for SPOT. I regularly meet up with colleagues and people I met through SPOT after work. Having a working environment where you can easily get to know new people is nothing short of amazing. As far as I know, you won't find that anywhere else in the Netherlands.'

'You can go to to find out more about events being organised for employees of companies at Schiphol, and to find out who else will be attending. Of course, SPOT is more than just a Schiphol Facebook. Just give it a try to find out more about the amazing people who work at the airport and the various events being organised.

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