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Schiphol Career matches talent and businesses at Schiphol

Who wouldn’t want to work at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? That’s what you would think, but businesses at Schiphol are searching high and low to find new talent. Schiphol Career should provide a solution.

You hear it a lot these days: there is a shortage on the labour market. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is also feeling the crunch. There are thousands of job vacancies at the airport, for positions at both small and large companies. Why is that?

More than 600 companies
‘People have no idea of all the different types of work there is to do at the airport’, says programme manager Ilhame Riyani of the Schiphol Aviation Community. ‘They mostly know the big names like KLM, Schiphol Group, Transavia and the Hilton, even though there are more than 600 companies based at the airport. They don’t know about all the positions available here either, so they never see the vacancies.’

Boosting intake
Schiphol Career has been developed to change this as part of a broader sectoral plan. Over the past year the Schiphol Aviation Community has collaborated with a project group from Schiphol Group, Swissport, KLM and Vebego to work on this recruitment tool. The goal: to boost the intake of talent for all businesses at Schiphol. An initial version of Schiphol Career was presented last October during the Schiphol Aviation Community’s 10-year anniversary celebration.

App and chatbot
Schiphol Career consists of an app (currently for iOS users only) and a chatbot that works via Facebook Messenger. What do the app and chatbot do exactly?

‘The app and the chatbot display vacancies for jobs and work placements at over 300 businesses at Schiphol’, Ilhame explains. ‘The user answers questions and is shown matching recommendations based on his or her responses. This could be a vacancy, but also a company or profession that would be a good fit. Users can like, save or dislike recommendations. The more questions a user answers, the better the engine gets to know him or her and the more relevant the recommendations will be.’

Through the use of technology, data and artificial intelligence, Schiphol is directly connecting supply and demand in a talent-oriented manner. This way users can also find vacancies, positions and companies they might not be looking for themselves, and the smaller and lesser-known businesses at Schiphol have the chance to attract new talent as well. Once a user has a match – ‘It’s just like Tinder!’, Ilhame jokes – he or she can choose to contact the company.

Schiphol Career has been live since 1 May and is running an online campaign to recruit as many users as possible. Would you like to share your opinion on the app? You can send your feedback to

If you’re keen to try out the Schiphol Career app or chatbot, click on one of the links below to get started straight away.

Apple App Store

Chatbot via Facebook Messenger

Schiphol Career website

Schiphol Career Facebook

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