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Passion became work, expat became citizen

Alessandro Fusaro has been Digital Marketing and Innovation Coordinator at SkyTeam Airline Alliance for nearly a year now. Born and bred in Italy, he currently lives in Leiden, works at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and has become an ambassador of SPOT.

‘My background is computer science with a great preference for aircraft’, explains Alessandro. ‘And yet I was quick to realise that I wanted to work not just with machines but also with people. Preferably with a variety of backgrounds, cultures and religions. If you’re open to such diversity, then there’s so much you can see and learn from one another. My passion became my work at SkyTeam: people and aircraft and an international environment. Some 90% of my colleagues hail from outside of the Netherlands. Together we work on such things as the digital touchpoints of 20 airlines. What is the customer’s perception of the services provided by our member airlines online? And even more importantly: how can we continuously improve customer perception and ease of use? It’s for good reason that “Caring more about you” is our credo.’

‘Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a city where the whole world meets’, says Alessandro. ‘The challenge for me was to become part of that city or community. A resident. More than just an expat in the WTC at Schiphol. It’s the place where I spend an average of 10 hours a day. Which is why the ambassadorship for SPOT was a great opportunity for me to contribute to the community at Schiphol. We’re evolving from a collection of buildings to a network of people. That’s what makes SPOT so powerful. I’m keen to do so from the perspective of an expat, and am endeavouring to find ways to involve expats. Just to provide that extra impetus. To break the ice. Meaning you suddenly go from disconnected to connected.’

‘As a matter of fact, I think that at the end of the day SPOT and SkyTeam are striving towards the same goal, which is to unite people as best they can. SkyTeam is doing so by comfortably bridging physical distances. SPOT is the bridge between individuals at the same location. As I see it, uniting people is perhaps the most wonderful thing you can do!’

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