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Martijn Schneider: Community banker with a passion for business

Who are you?
Two years ago I started work as a trainee with Rabobank. I specifically chose this field because it's very dynamic, diverse and international. Take organisations like FloraHolland, for example, and, of course, all the different businesses in the Schiphol area. The dynamic nature of the area appeals to me as a person. I like a challenge and I love doing business. I also like having people around me and I think it's important that other people feel comfortable. I can be fairly direct but I'm also honest. And I'm a good listener. I genuinely believe that you can help and support people better and more quickly if you listen carefully to what they say. And there's plenty of scope for that every day in my work at Rabobank.

I did both a higher professional education programme in Financial Services Management and a university programme in Business Management, followed by a Master's in Business Studies. My aim is to start by learning as much as I can from working in the financial sector. After that, however, I plan to set up my own business. It's in our family and it's in my genes. Both my brother and my father are successful entrepreneurs. But for now I'll focus on supporting and helping a wide variety of organisations and businesses. That's enough of a challenge for me at the moment. And the field I'm working in, in combination with my job, really inspires me.

What are the things that stand out the most to you in your job?
A little while ago I managed to put one of my clients in touch with another client. The first client had specific questions about doing business abroad. The other client happened to be working in exactly that field and was keen to share his knowledge and advice. In my position, I was able to hook them up. It worked out really well for my client and he's now doing really well abroad. This part of my work has nothing to do with money, it's more about networks and connections. That's why I often call myself a 'community banker'. Because I'm more than just an account manager. Every day, I facilitate our community of entrepreneurs by supporting them, advising them and putting them in touch with each other as best I can.
And it's always nice to help would-be entrepreneurs get their new business up and running. It's often a milestone in their lives. They have an entrepreneurial spirit. And that gives me energy too.

What does Schiphol mean to you?
I go past Schiphol every day on the train. Sometimes I get out at Plaza for an appointment with a client. We had an office in the WTC for years. So that connection brings me back often to do some work. Especially since there's free WiFi. And, of course, I sometimes go to the Rembrandt for a beer.
And it's great to see all the planes taking off and landing each time you're there. It's really special. Schiphol is so dynamic. I recently had a really early flight. That morning I took the first train to Schiphol. I thought I'd be the only one on the platform but the train to Schiphol was packed! Full of people going to work. That tells you how important Schiphol is for employment in the area but also to the Netherlands as a whole. Sometimes you just don't realise how many people work here and how many businesses are based here.

One of the main tasks of our talent team is to connect young people within and between businesses. So, when SPOT was launched, it seemed the obvious thing for us to be part of it. That's why I happily participate online and we attend the events with young Rabobank employees as much as we can.
It would be good if different organisations and 'SPOTers' took on the organisation of events such as the meeting on the 11th. Because the more people get actively involved in developing the community, the greater your support and farther your reach.

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