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Honest, healthy and fast! Streetfood from the food truck at Schiphol Airport

She was a lawyer, he was a furniture maker. Now, however, Hilde and Jurre are full-time ‘food truckers’. With a converted orange 1968 Citroën, they can be found at festivals, fairs, corporate events and at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Their truck is called Wrap ‘n’ Rolling, and they’re all about honest, healthy and fast street food. Their wraps, made from wholegrain spelt flour, are freshly made every day and filled with everything that is fresh, tasty and good for you. Right now this ‘kitchen on wheels’ is selling a range of products from the popular Vegetarian Butcher. A butcher with vegetarian products – isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

‘Yes. Customers can be a little sceptical at first. But a delicious meatball sandwich, burger or chicken satay usually wins them over’, Jurre says. ‘The taste is delicious and it has the texture and the bite of meat, while actually being entirely soy-based. Recently the Vegetarian Butcher even scored very highly with an expert jury comprised of top-level butchers. The chef ranked third in the battle for the ‘Golden Meatball’ awarded by the De Telegraaf daily newspaper. Of the 45 participants, 44 used real meat. In other words, the Vegetarian Butcher’s products can’t be distinguished from the real thing!”

“We can often be found at food truck festivals or at a number of spots in Amsterdam. In those types of settings, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and offer high-quality, distinctive fare. Not your basic burgers or hotdogs in other words, but it shouldn’t be too ‘out there’ either. Experience has shown that it’s trickier to get people excited about food that they don’t know. Hilde makes all the recipes herself. She’s always looking for exciting new combinations. All our wraps are unique. The funny thing is that it’s often clear very early on which products will be the most popular. Our Cajun chicken wrap is one of our best sellers. The spicy chicken together with the sweet potato spread and the salty feta cheese makes for a delicious combination. Lettuce, tomato, coriander and onion give the wrap a refreshing touch. Some people have really become hooked on this wrap. By the way, all the recipes can be found on our website.’

‘In September, we’ll be back at Schiphol, across from office building ‘The Base’. The airport is a great place for us. There’s a very diverse clientele, with people who are up for trying new things. This time we’ll be serving delicious products from the Vegetarian Butcher. At you can see on which days we’ll be there. I’d like to invite everyone to come and have a taste and try out our food. We can’t wait!’

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