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This group is for everyone who likes to stay informed about (free) bootcamp sessions at Schiphol. By becoming a member of this group, you will receive weekly updates about upcoming dates, both in Schiphol CBD and Schiphol Oost.

How to sign up for a free bootcamp session:
Each week, we'll create two events in this group: one for Schiphol CBD and one for Schiphol Oost. Click on the location of your choice, and hit the "attend" button to let us know you'll be there. This way, our instructor knows how many people to expect AND we know who to inform when there are changes in the schedule. Please note that for each class, we'll need a minimum of 6 people / a maximum of 20 people.

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Aylene Visser

aiiii ja jammer hoor, ehm ja dat lukt niet bij iedereen!

Annick Oosterlee

Bootcamp at The Square tomorrow (31 October)

Hi everyone! There was some miscommunication regarding tomorrow's bootcamp at The Square. The bootcamp will take place from 5PM-6PM. As of now, we have 5 people who signed up (yes... after weeks of slacking I decided to get back at it again!) We'll need one more enthusiast to join tomorrow's bootcamp to make it happen! Who's in? :-)

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Hi Arjen Heistek! Dank voor de reminder, ik heb 'm er gelijk opgezet: - de notificatie komt ook jullie kant op.

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