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Schiphol Innovation Circle

Goal: Bringing the Schiphol Innovation ecosystem together!
Target group: Anyone working on - or fan of - innovation at Schiphol airport
Format: Meetup to share learnings, case studies, co-create, and of course network & drinks!

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  1. Would love to be in the team, thank you for looping us in and putting us in contact!

  2. Hi, I would love to meet, but I will be on a business trip on this day. if there is some flexibility for the date of meeting, may I propose to postpone to the next week? Thanks a lot for the consideration!

  3. Sounds good Vincent, I truly hope for that! Happy to meet for a coffee before or after if you wish, with you and all members of this group!

  4. Would be cool to make this an active SPOT group ! This date is a bit of a problem, but future date's should be good!

  5. Great to hear your enthusiasm! Sounds like an opportunity for more meetups :)


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