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Bootcamp Schiphol Oost / TransPort

ON THURSDAYS WE WORK OUT! In order to feel fit in a desk job, some exercise is required on a regular basis. Squads, push-ups, not to mention burpees; it will all be covered during bootcamp sessions at Schiphol Oost.

Spot offers free boot camp sessions to community members. Every Thursday from 5PM to 6PM at TransPort.

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  1. Hi all, Short question here; is there any opportunity to fresh up / take a shower after the bootcamp as far as you are aware? We do not have the facilities internally ourselves :) Thanks K.

  2. Hi Keswin Corporaal! Unfortunately we don't have any shower facilities available at this point. Most bootcampers jump on the bike / in the car straight after bootcamp.

  3. Hi allemaal! Zoals jullie zien heeft Manon het mooie weer met zich meegenomen op vakantie. Ik heb zojuist met onze inval instructeur Jordi van Geest overlegd en wij hebben besloten de bootcamp van vanmiddag te annuleren gezien het voorspelde weer. Helaas! Volgende week (hopelijk) beter! :-)


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